aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Christmas madness in full swing

Got up early this morning and powered ahead. Put laundry away, did some clutter removal. Makayla came over to help Deanne clean. Cantata rehearsal went well, but it wore me out. Had to sit down through part of it.

Then I butchered the two PISMOs that were waiting on me. I now have 16 inch-and-a-half thick toronados for tonight's steak au poivre. Deanne is prepping veggies. Ours is the entree course (#3), so we'll pop in between appetizers and soup & salad to put the veggies in the over and bring the steaks up to room temp. Then we'll bail a little early from course #2 in order to fry up the steaks. I should be making the pan sauce about the time everybody gets here.

The cats will be put in their night cage before we leave for the appetizer course so that there are still ornaments on the tree when our guests get here. After tonight, we'll just pick them up and put 'em in a box until it's time to put everything away.

Right now, I'm just trying to rest up a bit before the final push of the day.

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