aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Goin' places

Our Venturers had a fine cool-weather campout this weekend. We drove down to Lynnville Park and set up for the night, then attended a meeting of the Evansville Astronomical Society at their observatory. Got to look through their big telescope, too.

Next day it was off to Angel Mounds to walk the archaeological site and ogle a couple of museum displays. We had extra time, so we drove over to Wesselmann Woods and hiked the trails for a bit. Then it was off to Shyler's Barbecue for supper. We got home last night about 8:30.

Tons o' fun.

The White Rock fairy is looking kinda seedy The White Rock fairy is looking kinda seedy
Kaleb and Connor at Lynnville Park
A bear to hibernate with A bear to hibernate with
Makayla brought a friend to help her keep warm
Cheaper to build up, they say Cheaper to build up, they say
Venturers in front of Mound A, site of the chief's complex, at Angel Mounds
I can row, canoe? I can row, canoe?
Kaila, Brooke, and Makayla try out the seating in a dugout canoe at the museum

(For those too young to remember the White Rock fairy, check this out:

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