aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

O Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling

I spent the afternoon and evening at a District Committee on Ministry meeting in Terre Haute. I told people I was going to go dig ditches this weekend to relax. And so I am.

I bought pipes and fittings for eventual main drain, composting toilet overflow, and well water. Scott T. is coming over tomorrow and we're taking these over to Wilderstead. Saturday, we go fetch the Ditch Witch I'm renting and dig three trenches and bury the pipes. Footers for the undercroft and retaining walls for the landscaping will then go over the pipes we bury. When the time comes to complete the plumbing of the house, there they'll be, all ready to hook up to.

Still to do tonight, tomorrow morning, or Saturday evening after my return from Wilderstead: laundry; confirmation class prep; sermon writing; nominations report for Church Council meeting on Sunday; prep for Venturers' meeting on Sunday; various small errands, including fetching some stuff from the Council office on the other side of town. One of these days, I've got to get caught up. Oy.

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