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As good as it gets

This has been a truly wonderful weekend with our church family. Yesterday, the Youth went to The Beach waterpark. It was raining steadily as we drove over in the morning, which kept the crowds away. The rain was about the same temperature as the water, so we weren't cold. By the time the rain let up at noon, we were busy frolicking in the water, sliding and diving and floating around.

Kiki at The Beach:

Today, we had a nice crowd at church, including some folks I haven't seen in a while. My heart was greatly warmed thereat. Two LJ friends, yechezkiel and joegumby showed up in worship. It was a communion Sunday, which is always good. Afterwards, we had our 2nd annual Ice Cream Social: hot dogs, home-made pies (including collinsmom's Atkins cheesecake) and home-made ice cream. Here are some of the diners.

Sarah and Ashley with Peter the Bear:

LJ Friends chowing down:

After lunch, we gathered on the church lawn/hillside for games and fun. The climax of the day was the gi-normous Slip-n-Slide we made out of 100' of 4 mil plastic, dish soap, and water.

that_guy_zach hits the skids:
(At least, he's not a backsliding Methodist.)

All in all, we went from the sublime to the ridiculous. The very best kind of day.

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