aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Crazy Time

This weekend is chock-full of stuff. Our Blessing of the Hunt service is tonight at 7:00 (along with a big, beautiful Harvest Moon -- brought to you at colossal expense). Tomorrow, I've got to be at the church all day, baking and prepping for Sunday with the Scouts. On Sunday, we have a guest speaker and the Boy Scouts are catering the big meal afterwards (six courses + scratch rolls).

As soon as this weekend is over, I've got to get busy with Charge Conference forms. Charge Conference is October 30, and I haven't filled out the first form. At this rate, I'm not sure we'll have everything done that we need to, either, but since nobody else takes Charge Conference seriously, I guess if I have to turn stuff in late, it'll be okay.

I'm torn between staying in town for trick-or-treaters and fleeing Sunday afternoon to Wilderstead. A quiet Hallowe'en party off in the woods sounds good to me. I'll be gibbering like a demented goblin by then.

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