aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

A mind is a terrible thing to waste -- oops, too late

I was heading into Wal-Mart last Friday night (and by the way, small town ministry is immeasurably aided by going to Wal-Mart on Friday night -- you're sure to run into somebody you've been meaning to talk to), and there in the parking lot was this car. A parochial school sticker was on one corner of the back window, and on the other corner was a sticker that read,
I [heart] the Old Latin Mass.

It made me think: how about writing a hymn with that theme to the tune of "The Old Rugged Cross?"
To the Old Latin Mass, I will ever be true,
No English translation will do.
I hold onto my hope that some future day Pope
Will return us to 1502.

So I'll cherish the Old Latin Mass,
from my place in my parish church nave.
I will cling to the Old Latin Mass,
Till they carry me off to my grave.

Others are welcome to add verses or rewrite my (rather limp) chorus.

EDIT: Since the Council of Trent adjourned in 1563, I suppose the verse, above, should be "return us to 1602," though 1802 or 1902 would do just as well.

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