aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Look, ma, no utensils!

This afternoon, Crew 119 gathered at Scott and Connor's house. We built a humongous fire in their backyard pit, then laid on the hardwood to make coals. I gave a lesson on how to cook directly on the coals (no utensils), then turned them loose.

They baked biscuits in onion halves. Others made desserts by baking a biscuit in an orange peel, with spices and so on. Other desserts featured pie filling and topping in an orange peel or banana boats made with chocolate chips and miniature marshmallows.

Various ready-to-eat soups were spiced up with one thing and another, then cooked inside hollowed-out bell peppers. I had a wonderful ham and bean heated up inside an orange bell pepper, which helped flavor it even more.

We made jalapeño poppers. For this, they had the choice of using cream cheese or Greek yogurt, then adding various herbs or spices. This was piped into hollowed-out peppers and baked on the coals.

For the main course, we had caveman steak cooked right on the white-hot coals. It was delicious. About ten youth and five adults took part in the feast.

Do it yourself Do it yourself
Ben and Kaleb hollow out onion and orange to create cooking vessels while Connor looks on
Poppers Poppers
Nearly half our crew is now girls; here, they work on jalapeno poppers
Descent into the Fiery Pit Descent into the Fiery Pit
Dave placing food on the coals


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