aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Way down yonder in the pawpaw patch

Sitting in McDonald's at Versailles. Normally, I wouldn't darken the doors, but they have Wi-Fi. The Angus burger biggy whatever was okay, but very dry. Only the fresh red onion made it palatable. The French fries are good, though. Meanwhile, a whole semi load of screaming elementary kids just ran in and sat down next to me, howling their heads off. Jeez, people! INDOOR voices!

Wilderstead was lovely this afternoon. I did some chores, roamed about a bit. The sky was blue, the temperature was just right (a hint of Fall), the night promises great sleeping weather. The hemlock Deanne warned me about is something else, I think -- Queen Anne's lace, or yarrow, or cow parsley or something. Same family, not as obnoxious. I hope.

This is my little break before the week starts in earnest. Sunday is pretty full, even though it's Labor Day weekend. I'll probably do some office work on Monday and Tuesday. Bible study starts Wednesday at noon, and then I have to drive to Nashville, TN, for a series of meetings through Saturday. So, it's a (very) short week.

Ah, but to be camping in the Fall! God is good.

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