aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Snippy snippets

I keep telling myself not to get involved with obvious wackoids on LJ. But sometimes, you can't tell beforehand how wacko they are. And sometimes, there's someone in the mix who's genuinely floundering and who might appreciate an outstretched hand, a rope thrown them. What to do?

As the Lord High Executioner put it, "I have a little list" -- a list of the utterly clueless and/or those whose brains are equipped only with ROM. Thank God it's only a small list. But however tempting it might be to slag somebody on that list for wasting air by breathing it, I force myself to ignore their replies and come-ons. I don't comment on their posts, either. Just don't wanna get something started.

And yet, I enjoy LJ. In fact, I'd like to expand my Friends List. I'd like to get more interaction on some of my interests beyond politics and religion. The price one pays for that, I suppose, is running into the bores, the one-issue fanatics, the people who have no off-line life, the troublemakers.

Sort of like the pub we went to last night. that_guy_zach turns 22 today, so on Birthday Eve he invited me to go out with some of his other twenty-something friends to celebrate. We drove over to Covington to a place that was highly recommended. Luckily, we found a quiet table out on the sidewalk, because inside the pub, gawdawful music was blasting loud enough to wake the dead and youngish barflies were shouting confidential conversations at each other.* Sort of reminded me of one of the lower corners of a Last Judgment painted over an altar.

I was flattered to be included (ancient wreck that I am) and we had a pleasant time, all the while resolutely ignoring the chaos occuring immediately adjacent to us. These are nice people, and I'd be happy to meet them again, even in the Carnival of Lost Souls. I just don't want to waste my time trolling the Carnival of Lost Souls looking for new friends.

Which all makes me appreciate the LJ Friends I do have and keep up with. May their tribe increase. As the old** Girl Scout song puts it,
Make new friends, but keep the old,
One is silver, and the other, gold.

*Yes, there was a time when I, too, might be found haunting a place where the music was too loud and the lifestyle loose; I'm not a superior being, just old enough to want something more.

**N.B. The "old" modifies "song," not "Girl." This is an old song of the Girl Scouts, not a song for old Girl Scouts. And isn't it amazing that you didn't need to be told that?

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