aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Details, details

Anna was asking me this evening about how she and Zachary were as infants. She'd heard as a child that he was a fussy baby and she was an easy one, but that didn't carry a lot of content, particularly for a new mother to assess expectations with. So I told her what I remembered of their infancies.

Daniel is a sweet child. He mostly eats and sleeps. Not very fussy, as I remember fussy. He seems fine with me holding him -- no resistance to a new person in close proximity. And I still remember how.

One sign of how things have changed...We went to a museum today and were driving down the road afterward, looking for a place to eat. Daniel needed to be changed and fed, so Anna and Brian were both a bit stressed as they tried to get to someplace where they could do that. In my day, we would have changed the baby in the car as we drove, and fed him, too. But it's against the law these days to remove a child from his car seat while the car is moving.

We visited the Nauticus museum in Norfolk, which included wandering about the main deck of the USS Wisconsin, the last great battleship of our fleet, now permanently docked at Nauticus. She's a huge, awe-inspiring ship.

Tomorrow, Brian has class early, so Anna and I will do some grocery shopping. In the afternoon, Brian and I will tackle the new shelves for the garage.

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