aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Another day at the beach

As I was preparing to leave my campsite at 6:00 this morning, there was a big, beautiful visual double star hanging in the western sky, the last star to flee the daylight. I don't know of any first-magnitude visual doubles, so I figure this was a planet (Jupiter, probably) in very close conjunction with a star.

After such a moving start to the day, I find myself sitting in McDonald's typing this. The food is disgusting, but all the VB McDonalds have Wi-Fi. Hey, if you can't sell the food, sell the amenities.

In other news, I'm glad I brought my inverter, so I could recharge my laptop from my car battery last night. Score!

One more reason I prefer the mountains to the beach. Sand gets into everything, no matter how carefully you step.

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