aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Last word for today

It rained today, but that didn't impact me on my visit to Anna and Brian. I got to feed Daniel as soon as I got to their house. After an hour or so, Anna returned from work, and we passed the afternoon and evening pleasantly enough.

Brian went with me to First Landing State Park, where I discovered to my surprise that I picked up the old dome tent. I bought this one in, like, 1991 or so. I replaced it with our current dome tent around 2001. It has a cracked pole and a busted zipper. These are not insurmountable problems, especially since I'm easy on gear, but it's certainly been a while since it's been taken out. But that's what you get when you pack and take off on a long trip in 45 minutes or less.

I only discovered that I had left a whole day early when I was already in Virginia. I made my camping reservations back in May and promptly put the confirmation documents aside when they arrived. In the meantime, I had mentally expanded my trip to include another day. That meant that I was almost to the Blue Ridge when I looked at the documents that said I didn't have a place to sleep last night. I considered camping outside Richmond, but in the end I just bulled on ahead and got a room at the hotel we stayed at in June. It had rained all day, and I wasn't in the mood to wrestle with tents and soaked campgrounds in the dark. Oh yeah, I also forgot a flashlight and my raincoat. But we shall persevere. After, being prepared means you know how to handle things even if you forgot something important.

Tomorrow, we're taking Daniel in for a regular checkup. After that, since Anna and Brian both have the day pretty free, we'll probably take in a museum or something fun. Saturday, I'll put up the shelves we bought today for the garage. And Sunday will be Daniel's baptism. Anna and Brian have a new pastor, just arrived following their Annual Conference a few weeks ago. He dropped by this afternoon to finalize arrangements. It was an easy call (Anna and Brian both know the drill -- Anna the preacher's kid, especially); not much hassle explaining Methodist doctrine and practice to these parishioners.

Pastor David is struggling with laryngitis, so prayers on that count would be appreciated. G'night!

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