aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Weighty matters

The scales said 227.5 lb. this morning just before I stepped in the shower. That's well under my maximum weight for Philmont, and a good twenty pounds down from my winter bulk. (Yay!) Now, I've just got to behave myself so I don't gorge and float back up before weigh-in at the Ranch.

Of course, when I step off the trail after ten days backpacking in the mountains, I'll be all helter skelter, more than you I'm svelter. But the big challenge is going to be keeping the weight off, since everybody comes off the trail with their appetites cranked up to maximum.

Anyway, I'd like to continue to punch my weight down. It'd be really good if I could lose about twenty more pounds of flab, and maybe put ten pounds of muscle on in its place.

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