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The way to handle too many things to do is to routinize them. By preparing ahead of time and reducing complicated tasks to simple routines, you get the schedule clutter out of the way and have more time for the important thing coming at you. The problem is, it takes time to master each new routine. With Deanne in Virginia, I've had to master her usual household routines as well as pick mine back up. So, I've been doing a lot of pet care and such.

Meanwhile, there's been a lot of other stuff soaking up what time is left over. Last night we had interviews for the new church secretary. This morning, I had to go two different doctor's appointments. I had to get the truck's engine jumped yesterday, seeing as how I hadn't driven it in a month. And it seems that it's got some problems that need attended to; but first, my little Breeze has to be tuned up to make yet another trip to New Mexico.

So, my to-do pile hasn't gotten much smaller. Still lots of people to see and things to get done. Deanne left Virginia this morning and is expected home Saturday. It'll be good to have her home, though I imagine it'll be several days before she's up to snuff. She's probably a lot tireder than she thinks she is. And then, it'll be time for her to take over my routines, since I'll be off for Philmont.

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