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Our first grandchild, Daniel Ward Waite, was born at 10:13 pm, June 18, 2001, weighing 5.8 lbs and 19 inches long and already hungry! I am also given to understand that he has healthy lungs.

Deanne and I spent some time at the hospital in Virginia Beach this afternoon with Anna while Brian ran some errands. Then D. dropped me off at the airport. I almost didn't get a seat on the plane to Cleveland; then the plane to Indy spent over half an hour circling Terre Haute waiting for storm to move through Indy before landing. I got home a few minutes ago, and it's Saturday already. I'm bushed.

As for the child's name: Daniel is Brian's middle name, though I'm not sure how he came by it. Ward, on the other hand, is my father's name; Anna was born on his birthday, and he was always very special to her.

Anna is fine, though still has a ways to go before her blood pressure gets down where it needs to be. Prayers for everybody, please. And a great big Thank You to Jack and Lois for picking me up at the airport and bringing me home!

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