aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Preparing to launch

Leaving tonight for Wilderstead. Tomorrow, we drive all day to Virginia Beach. Thursday, we'll be with Anna and Brian, helping to get ready for the baby's coming, which is expected Friday. Friday, I'm flying back to Indy, where friends will pick me up and deliver me home. Deanne is staying on to help as she can.

Depending on when the baby actually arrives, I may get to see him before I have to leave. That would be nice, but not necessary. I've already got camping reservations at First Landing for August, so I'll be back to visit and help out then. Right now, getting D. to Va. and helping with last-minute preparations is my mission.

Zach is holding down the fort and caring for the critters until I return. Prayers for us all, here and there and in between, would be appreciated.

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