aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Get 'er done

Thunderboomers in the night woke me up and I finished the night on the couch to keep Sassafras company. The day is going to be very hot.

I have more to do today than I can keep track of, but the day started off with a young friend contacting me for a nonchalant FB chat. I was very glad to hear from her, and it improved my humor considerably.

Meanwhile, I'm editing some music I copied last night. I wanted to include a hymn in the Sunday bulletin that exists in no published collection for Sunday. It only existed in ms form. So I had to clean my study yesterday and connect up our old, old computer from the mid-nineties (back when Windows 3.1 was the latest thing). Then I could fire up the MuzikTime program and slowly, note by note, enter the music and print it on our old dot-matrix printer. Then, I scanned it into my (not quite so) old computer. Snatched the TIFFs from that machine through the network cable and then e-mailed them from my laptop to the church computer, where they could finally be downloaded and made part of the church bulletin program. Printed the dummy bulletin for Sunday and then (wisely) went to play the hymn on the organ, where I discovered (as per usual) that there were some misplaced notes. So, here we are, fixing things on Wednesday morning that were supposed to be done Tuesday night.

Meanwhile, Annual Conference awaits, and I still have to pack and get out of here this afternoon. Got reservations at Summitt Lake S.P., south of Munchkinland. Conference registration starts tomorrow morning. O, be joyful.

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