aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

A lovely getaway

I was kinda looking forward to resting up from my trip to Dallas and clearing away some of the piles of work-to-be-done around here, but Deanne wanted to go to Wilderstead overnight, so, my lady's every wish being my command, yesterday we packed ourselves and our sweet Sassydog up and went to the holler.

It was hot and muggy, but beautiful as always. And very overgrown. I'm pleased that there's not much hemlock in our holler (I hate hemlock with a passion), but all the grass and weeds and vines were high. So, before supper I got out my 22" string mower and cut the trail on the hither shore of the Pishon. Then I went and soaked in the deep pool that was still left, though the springs are almost dry out yonder.

We built a fire and grilled venison and veggies. There was no garlic or onions on the meat, so Sassy got a full share with her supper. The poor darling was looking pretty puny, though she enjoyed being outdoors.

I got up early this morning. I was sitting outside by the firepit with my coffee while Sassy and Deanne slept in. Suddenly, a turkey gobbled nearby. An answering, "bark! bark!" came from inside the cabin, and Sassy rushed to the French doors to see what might have made such an interesting sound.

After breakfast, I cut the trail on the farther shore of the creek, as well as some other necessary mowing. Another soak in the pool, and then it was time to pack up. We got home before 2:00 p.m. Deanne went straight to bed (she's got some spring flux or something), Sassy hit the couch, and I'm catching up on the internet. Once I finish reading my daily webcomics, I'll get after the six cubic hectares of laundry awaiting my attention.

Deep water Deep water
Favorite bathing hole
Grillin' and chillin' Grillin' and chillin'
Venison steaks and veggies on skewers
Afterglow Afterglow
Sassy by the fire
Flow gently, sweet Pishon Flow gently, sweet Pishon
Looking upstream from the crossing


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