aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Leavin' on a jet plane

Moved a lot of dirt yesterday. Just gotta dress up the borders today. Tomorrow, it's up at O-dark-thirty and out the door for the airport.

I'll be in Dallas, TX, Wednesday through Friday at the BSA National Meeting (O, be joyful). I hate to sound like a grump, but I seriously dislike conventions, and other than a business meeting or two I'm obligated to attend, a BSA meeting -- even the Centennial year National Meeting -- is just a big, honkin' convention.

It sounds really grand to say that being the President of NAUMS puts me on the National Council of BSA and I get to take part in all this high-level stuff. Ken G. genuflects toward my gold shoulder loops as he says, "Wow, you're a somebody." The reality is considerably less wonderful, and a lot more expensive. I've got two more years of it; in the meantime, I'm making what I can of it. I want to leave NAUMS (and UM Scouting Ministry, generally) in better shape than I found it.

Dinner with a friend tomorrow night. NAUMS Board meeting and Annual Meeting Thursday afternoon. Flyin' home Friday, gettin' in at half past gawdawful.

I guess I'd better buy me some more minutes for my phone today, so's it doesn't decide to die right in the middle of something on that rare occasion when somebody actually needs to get hold of me. Oh, yeah -- and I'd better remember to leave my pocket knife in my car this time; I got lucky last time, and managed to sneak it through in my laptop case with all the cables and stuff after forgetting that I had it on me until I was standing in the check-in line.

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