aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

A timely prayer

Synchronize your calendars, please. Anna's due date is somewhere around July 7. I leave for Philmont July 5, arrive July 8, then disappear into the mountains for ten days on July 9.

So, while I'm sure my personal desires are largely irrelevant in all this, I'm suggesting gently to God that it would be really nice if Anna could be delivered of her child (my grandson) on or before July 4; second-best would be before July 9, when I will be out of touch for a while. I'd just like to know that everything's OK before I step off into the hinterlands, you know?

In 1998, as my father lay for months on the edge of dying, I asked God for grace to endure whatever might come, and made arrangements for how to handle things if he should die while we were backpacking at Philmont. Dad died on June 14, we had his funeral and wrapped everything up, and our backpacking trip took place in July as scheduled, free of worry and strain. So, God's been known to work the little details like that before.

For that matter, Deanne's due date when she was pregnant with Anna was Easter Sunday. Extra joy, you say? Not if you're the pastor of the church. Anna came in the wee hours of Tuesday of Holy Week, on my father's birthday.

So, Lord, I realize that Anna and Brian have a bigger stake in all this than I do, but if it fits in with your plans -- and theirs -- couldja make sure I get the good news in a timely fashion, here? And let it be good news in every respect. Amen.

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