aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Day 8

Well, here we are. The surface area of my face that continues to be swollen and to hurt is just a bit less -- but it has stubbornly decided to be just as miserable in its smaller area as it was at its maximum extent. Deanne doesn't think that I have a splint aside my nose, that the doctor was crossing that out, not underlining it, on the post-op instructions. In that case, my remaining discomfort is not from the turbinectomy or the chip taken out of my septum, but probably wholly from the cyst that resided in my right sinus for over ten years. That probably took a lot of scraping to get out through little telescopes, and may take several more days before things start to feel really right there.

But on the other hand, there is little discharge or nastiness to be accompanied with the shaving down of my nose innards. In fact, that gets just a little easier to deal with every day, though getting used to doing "salt water irrigation" is not something that I ever wanted to say I could do. (For those having a hard time comprehending what "salt water irrigation" is, all I can say is that it's a form of self-induced waterboarding. Now, try to get that image out of your mind.)

Meanwhile, I was up till almost 2:30 this morning. Had insomnia the night before, and last night just wasn't sleepy till half past gawdawful. This is what comes of having nothing to do but rest. You risk getting your days and nights mixed up. On the other hand, I got up just before 6:30, because my body didn't want to stay in bed any more. Summer approaches, and the sun knows it's time to be up. This is a good thing. I can always nap later, and getting up early makes it easier (I hope) to get my sleep schedule back in order.

The Big Adventure for today is driving my car the block and a half to the Shell station to gas up. That's close enough that there's no real risk, and we'll see how I handle a car after a week of non-driving and slow recovery.


Why did the turtle cross the road?
To get to the Shell station.

What religion was the turtle?
Hard shell Baptist.


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