aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Yes, Mama

We went out to eat at Steak & Shake this evening. I feel much better; all that protein did me good.

As for as recovery goes, my face is going through a different kind of feel each day as the healing progresses. Today, I felt as if somebody had smacked me with a fist just below my eye -- like there was an old bruise there. I suppose it's because swelling has gone down in other places that I can now feel pain there. Who knows.

On the way back this evening, I told D. that I thought I would go to the Boy Scout meeting tomorrow night, just to have something to do. She said, very firmly, that she might let me do that, if I only stayed an hour. I asked if she intended to come over and get me to make sure I didn't stay too long, and she said, "I just might."

She's tough.

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