aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Did you get the number of that truck?

Well, I'm home from my surgery. Mostly just feel very, very washed out. Sat down and immediately went to sleep for a couple of hours. Probably do some more of that.

They took the packing out as I was waking up. I just have a mustache pad to catch blood, for which I'm grateful. I have a horror of not being able to breathe, and I had told Dr. S. about this. So that's doing fine. The only real discomfort I have so far is the sore throat from the anesthesia tube. Dr. S. and the anesthesiologist both said my throat was a difficult one to get the tube down. Dr. S. recommends a sleep apnea test. (I've only had a breathing tube inserted once or twice before, and I never had this kind of trouble before, so we'll see.)

Anyway, thank you all for your prayers. Thanks also to my parishioner Phil, who came to the Surgery Center this morning to see if we needed anything and who offered to sit with Deanne while I was in surgery. Deanne didn't take him up on the offer, but we deeply appreciate it.

And now, it's nap time again.

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