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Crew Conditioner Hike

Venturing Crew 119 did its first-ever ten-mile hike today at Cataract, Indiana. Emily was our hike leader and Kaleb was our mapigator. Other youth hiking were Makayla, Connor, and Kaila. Adults were Art, Melodie, and Scott.

The day threatened rain all along, but in the end, only drizzled on us toward the end. That made it damp and cool all day: good hiking weather.

We parked our vehicles at the Cataract Missionary Baptist Church and hiked on up to the State Recreation Area. We stopped to explore the lower falls. Then we stopped again to explore the upper falls. Crossing the covered bridge, we hiked on around to the north side of Mill Creek, where we stopped to investigate the upper falls from the other side. And we stopped there for lunch.

As we got going again, I pointed out that we had covered 2 1/2 miles in two hours before lunch. If we were going to get 7 1/2 more miles in, we would have to resist the urge to stop and investigate everything. The crew buckled down to some serious hiking.

My camera battery died at lunch, so no pix from later on in the day. But it went well. We made good time, played mind games with each other, tended our bruises and blisters, and finally wound up back in Cataract about 6 1/2 hours after setting out. All in all, a good day spent hiking with friends.

Gird up your loins, adjust your pack Gird up your loins, adjust your pack
Starting out on a ten-miler
Ha-ha-ha-HA-ha! Ha-ha-ha-HA-ha!
Woodpecker getting some noms under an old barrel in Cataract, Indiana
Lower Falls, Mill Creek Lower Falls, Mill Creek
Cataract State Recreation Area
Upper Falls Upper Falls
Makayla and Connor sit by the old mill race and watch the falls
Connor by the Upper Falls Connor by the Upper Falls
Emily as Shweppes Girl Emily as Shweppes Girl
All she needs is wings
Backside of glory Backside of glory
Upper Falls and Covered Bridge seen from north side of Mill Creek
Lunchtime Lunchtime


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