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Darren, a 14-year-old Boy Scout from our Troop, asked me to help him find the North Star. He has to lay out a true north-south line in daylight and in darkness to complete his First Class Rank. So, I met him and his little brother Brandon (just crossed over into the Troop) and their mom Jana at the Nazarene Church's parking lot on the rural south of town tonight.

Most of the planets were out cavorting and the Moon was full. I gave about an hour's symposium on stars, planets, the apparent motion of the sky, the seasons, the major constellations in evidence, etc. Darren (and Brandon) should be able to complete their requirement at our next Troop campout (if the heavens cooperate).

I've done this a zillion times over the years for Scouts and other youth. Sometimes, I have a whole class, sometimes it's just one or two. I'm happy to share my knowledge of the stars. Darren is the first kid to ask me here -- well, not the first kid to ask, but the first to make realistic arrangements to meet me where we can see the sky. I admire his initiative.

It was fun.

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