aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Spring Camporee

The theme for this year's Spring Camporee was Survivor. Well, we survived. It was very rainy, and in the end tornado watches drove most campers home early, but it was still fun.

Troop 119 had a whole bunch of brand new Scouts just up from Weebs on their first campout. I must say, they're shaping up well. Meanwhile, Crew 119 also attended and had a lot of fun.

I was in full cooking class mode, as I led the Venturers through some truly classy outdoor cooking. Highlight of the weekend was to be a Boston Cream Pie baked in a Dutch oven. It was while putting together the cake and cream filling that I noticed that I was missing vanilla. So, we stepped next door and borrowed some maple syrup off that Troop. Then when it came time to make the glaze, I realized that I had forgotten the unsweetened baking chocolate; however, Connor was selling milk chocolate bars with almonds for band, so we melted down one of those to put in with the other fixin's. In the end, it sort of came out like a Vermont Cream Pie: it tasted rather like a huge maple doughnut. Delicious. We have made a new discovery.

I thought we would be feeding more than we ended up with, so we also made Strawberry Parfaits. So, there were two desserts for dinner, which was Beef Manhattans and fresh Asparagus, with seconds on everything for all who wanted them. Magnificent.

The Troop also came up to scratch on their cooking. Even the older Scouts seemed inspired by the competition posed by the young'uns. A good time was had by all, except maybe by the live chickens that each Patrol or Crew had to capture and put in a pen in one of the events.

Setting up Setting up
Deven and Anthony set up one of the Troop's tents. The Venturers were already set up by this point.
Rainy morning Rainy morning
Breakfast was good, though
Pretty fly campsite Pretty fly campsite
Note the homemade Crew flag
Logan and Doc Logan and Doc
Logan looks more and more like a wood elf -- or maybe a hobbit -- every time he goes camping
Stirring the pot Stirring the pot
Connor learns to make cream filling
Firebuilding class Firebuilding class
Lots of enthusiasm, but not much fire
What's cookin'? What's cookin'?
Brandon and Bradley already know their way around a kitchen
No -- you'll spoil your dinner No -- you'll spoil your dinner
Dave and Jordan ponder how to penetrate the forcefield over the Boston Cream Pie while Ben looks on


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