aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

And so it goes

I went over to Covington this morning to meet with the young woman whose wedding I'm doing in September. She wants an outdoor wedding in a grove/meadow, with holy communion. I'm an old hand at weddings, plus I've done any number of outdoor worship services, including eucharistic ones. So we got together to walk the park and see what could be made of it.

Afterwards, I gave her some leads on solving reception/catering type problems. I don't usually get into that, but some of her difficulties with securing a reception hall lead her into thinking about arranging all the parts herself -- possibly outdoors -- and I've got a lot of experience at pulling that off, plus some contacts. So we talked about a LOT of stuff.

Afterwards, I drove up to Norwood, where that_guy_zach and I were to have lunch at a place called The Dubliner. I got there at noon, only to discover that it has "summer hours" -- not open till 4:00. I hung around for 20 minutes, waiting for Zach, then prepared to leave. At that point, the proprietor of The Dubliner came out and told me my friend had just called, saying he'd been in an accident, and he'd be late.

So I went across the street to another cafe and had lunch while I waited. He finally got there and I had a second lunch while he had his first -- the better to absorb the two Smithwick's (on draught!) that I drank. They were the highlight of my day so far, yeah boy.

Then I came back to town to do mundane errands. This evening, I've got to do some NAUMS work before the big shindig at Purdue. Still waiting for a bank statement from Nashville that should have come by today (Grind, grind). Just takin' it slow and puttin' one foot in front of the other, ya know?

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