aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Camera shopping

My digital camera is dying. Using the zoom makes it read only blackness. I've replaced the battery, bought a new memory card, etc., but there's something just buggered up in the camera itself.

It's only seven years old -- no great age for a film camera. But as electronic jiggery-pokery goes, that makes it a dinosaur. Probably couldn't get it fixed, at least not cheaply. So I went pricing cameras this afternoon.

I need one by this Saturday, so I can't really dawdle. I've got my eye on a Canon. One of the features I like is that I can look through an actual viewfinder lens. Taking pictures outdoors so much means I'm often standing in full sun, where you can't read an LCD display.

With the death of my old digital camera, the only thing still plugged into my old computer is the scanner. If I can get that hooked up to my laptop and get it working, I think I'll just put the old box away and gain myself some desk room.

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