aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Honor is due

I am frequently exasperated by United Methodist Church bureaucracy. This is mostly because, no matter how holy the cause, it is, after all, a bureaucracy; and all bureaucracies share the same sorts of awfulness. The stupidity and uselessness of Church bureaucracies often seem like a betrayal of the cause they exist to serve, though, and perhaps that is why they are so infuriating.

That said, I went to a District training event last night that was superb. Our DS is pushing to get every Staff-Parish Relations Team in the District trained to do the kind of job we all wish they would do. Rev. Tom True has put together a great resource. Our District leaders deserve every sort of praise for using the chaos of our current situation to drop things that don't work and focus in on things that need to be done.

This is not the first time I have had my weary loyalty rewarded in this new District. I think that most of it has to do with our DS, Judi Purvis. I've known a few really good Superintendents in my career (all too few, I'm afraid), and she seems to be one of them. And, she's a supporter of Scouting Ministry. What more can I say?

I'm saying to my colleagues and parishioners: Let's not waste this moment.

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