aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,


Spent a good part of today out in the holler, mowing the high grass and weeds with my new trimmer mower. It worked wonderfully, but I need to figure out how to put an extender bar or something on the handle. It would have been just the right height for my wife, who is about 10" shorter than I am.

Here's hoping for a goodly attendance at worship in the morning. Thereafter, we're heading out to Wilderstead with Sassy for an overnight camping trip. We'll return Monday afternoon in time to get cleaned up and relax before the big fireworks display down the street at the park.

The youth's mission trip went well last week. Score another for persistence. that_guy_zach led his first trip.

Gots to get a couple wedding gifts this week for July weddings: friend down the road; nephew in Phoenix. Can't attend either one, but we'll send some cast iron their way.

Everybody have a safe Fourth!

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