aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Beautiful day

It hit 83 degrees this afternoon. The redbuds, forsythia, magnolias, Bradford pears, and dogwoods are all blooming like mad.

Today was my first time back walking with my friend Jerry since I pulled my hamstring. We didn't try to push for time, but instead hit some hills. As long as I don't try to hustle, I do fine.

This morning was my penultimate physical therapy session. I still need to strengthen my leg, but it's structurally about back to normal. After my PT session, I dropped by my old Scout camp and walked around the little lake. I saw mayapples and jack-in-the-pulpits coming up.

Meanwhile, there's much to do. Easter about did me in. Now, I feel like I'm picking up storm wreckage, even while I try to do the normal routine. Still, the frantic quality is gone from my schedule. I'm busy, but not overwhelmed right now.

Even as my leg improves, my shoulder continues to give me fits. Ah, me, you can tell when the warranty's expired. Still, pain or not, another spring is a wonderful thing to see.

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