aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

I think I'm done for the day

I hung this year's confirmation class banner last night after the Maundy Thursday service. It was reasonably light and hangs on a free-standing pole. I waited till this morning to hang the last three years' class banners.

This is a custom of mine I've practiced for many years. Each year as we receive the new confirmands, we hang the banner they made in class. And we hang all the previous years' banners around the sanctuary. At my previous appointment, I was going to retire banners as everybody in them went off to college, but the kids in my first class (then 18-19 years old) all objected, so I continued to hang all the banners. Here at EFUMC, this is only my fourth class, so there were only three other banners to hang.

but hanging banners high up along the walls in this church requires the use of our 24' aluminum step ladder, which resides against the outside church wall. It has to be carried to the front entrance, wrestled up the stairs, steered into the sanctuary, raised into position, then moved for each banner. It's exhausting. Previously, I've done it all by myself, but I asked my secretary to help this year, pleading my bum shoulder.

Well, they're up, and they're beautiful, but I'm pooped. I feel like I've been breaking rocks in the hot sun. Once I recover, I'll get around to taking a picture of this year's class banner and adding it to my gallery of confirmation class projects. Look for it soon.

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