aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Getting a leg up

"Well, I dance superlatively! That's a dancer's leg, Margaret! Hey, Norfolk? Now that's a wrestler's leg. But I can throw him."
-- Henry VIII, A Man For All Seasons

I had my evaluation and first Physical Therapy session today for my hamstring injury. When the therapist asked me to stand straight and examined my legs, her first words to her assistant were, "Wow, you've got good calves!" (All I could think to say in reply was, "Moo?")

Anyway, she mostly liked what she saw. It's obvious, she said, that I was a powerful walker, used to going up and down hills. In fact, just about every shape she saw and motion she watched me do pleased her. The problem is, I'm muscle-bound on the backs of my legs. This probably ties in with the pain I've had in my ankles and shins as I've tried to power-walk with my friend Jerry, too. I just haven't done much to keep my hamstrings flexible (hiking and backpacking are very different from power-walking and jogging).

Besides working over the injury site and icing it down a couple of times a week, she gave me some particular stretching exercises to do several times a day. She thinks I should be all fixed up within 3-4 weeks of PT and home exercises. I sure hope so.

Anyway, I always said I had the best pair of legs at Annual Conference. And now, that opinion has been ratified by a professional. (Vanity, thy name is Æfenglommung!)

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