aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Could I give up snow for Lent?

I didn't get much done yesterday. Without the usual schedule pegs to hang the day on, it just sort of lost its shape. I mostly piddled, which I could little afford to do.

Today, I spent a little time in the office, and I've spent all afternoon whanging away at stuff in my study. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, and the whole Lenten worship planning is screaming to get done. Plus there are places to go and people to see this week. Tonight, I've got to drive to Columbus for a meeting, for instance.

And I've got to say, I'm tired of snow. It's beautiful and I want it gone. We had six inches or so over the last day, which made this probably the hardest snowfall we've had all winter. Everyone is tired of dealing with it. I want it to go away and be spring. So I can go backpacking, etc. The kids were all out of school again. I was talking with a teacher today, the mom of one of our Scouts, who said that in 26 years of teaching, she's never had to teach into June, but this year she probably will.

Thursday, I'm taking my confirmands to the Skirball museum in Cincinnati, and we're going tubing afterwards at Perfect North Slopes. I think there'll still be plenty of snow Thursday. But after that, it can get up and leave any time it wants to.

At least I got last year's palms burnt this afternoon, so there will be ashes tomorrow.

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