aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,


My secretary couldn't come in today because her daughter's school canceled (again). Our Bible Study group punted, too. So I did some minor running around and then got down to the serious business of preparing to cook.

Several Venturers came by this afternoon and we got cooking on tomorrow evening's Feast. We prepped the rolls (now rising a second time in the fridge). We baked Bread & Butter Pudding and a Boston Creme Pie. We prepped crabcakes (now chilling in the fridge). We made the base for Leek Soup. We snapped green beans. We made deviled eggs for the Catseye Salads. We set up the tables and spiffed up Rogers Hall a bit.

By the time we were done and cleaned up, I was ready to go home and collapse. But then I heard the piano upstairs, and I realized that choir practice was starting up. So, I went and sang for an hour or so.

So. Tomorrow, the Feast. Friday night, the Cave Campout. Saturday, take down the signal tower. Sunday, preach and Church Council. Monday, burn the palms from last Palm Sunday. And somewhere in there, I've got to do Lenten worship planning, which includes figuring out what I'm going to preach about for the six weeks of Lent.

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