aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

The sky is falling

I was talking with one of our Venturers last night. She asked if we were still going to put up the signal tower this Saturday. "Sure, why not?" I said. "You know, the storm." (We were supposed to have an ice storm last night, then a major snowfall today. Everybody's talking about it.)

"Well, if the State Police tell everybody to stay home," I said, "I guess we'll think about canceling it; but otherwise, it's just snow."

Back when we lived near Cincinnati, a columnist for the Enquirer liked to point out that whenever even a few snowflakes started to fall, the whole city would go crazy. Everybody rushed to the stores to stock up on the Four Essentials of Cincy life: bread, milk, toilet paper, and beer.

Hey, it's winter. It's supposed to snow now and then. Besides, it annoys the Global Warming alarmists, and that's worth all the inconvenience, right?

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