aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Och, Cap'n, if I give 'er anymore, she'll blow!

Our Venturers wanted to go caving. The only sort of caving we could rustle up on short notice was an overnight at Bluespring Caverns down Bedrock way. It's an overnight in the cave, with a movie about the cave and a trip on an underground lake. They feed you breakfast in the morning and you go home. No muss, no fuss. (We've put more serious caving on the radar for this fall.)

Now, the Venturers didn't have enough people to make an overnight reservation. Soooo, we invited the Sunday School kids. Now, we have a CHURCH trip rather than a BSA trip. Kids got excited, and all looked like it was going well. We could make the minimum numbers easy.

Well, our Boy Scouts have been wanting to go caving, too, but they were late getting organized. So, they asked if they could go with us. I agreed to contact Bluespring to add their numbers to ours.

Then, some of the Webelos Scouts who are crossing over this month wanted to go, too, with the Boy Scouts. Normally, that means one adult per boy, but then -- we're not doing this trip according to BSA rules. It's a church trip, using our church's rules for overnights. That makes it easier for these younger kids to go, since they're following the same rules our Sunday School kids are following.

At this point, we have 36 persons committed to going next Friday, with 5 maybes. It will be the largest event for children and youth besides VBS we've done in years. Luckily, 9 of those 36 are adults, so supervision should be okay.

But, well, Gadzooks and all that.

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