aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

John 3:16-21 in Old English

God lufode middaneard swa þæt he sealde his ancennedan Sunu, þæt nan ne forwurðe þe on hine gelyfð, ac hæbbe þæt ece lif. Ne sende God his Sunu on middanearde þæt he demde middanearde, ac þæt middaneard sy gehæled þurh hine. Ne biþ þam gedemed ðe on hine gelyfð; se ðe ne gelyfð, him biþ gedemed, for þam þe he ne gelyfde on ðone naman þæs ancennedan Godes Suna. Þæt is se dom, þæt leoht com on middaneard, and menn lufedon þystro swyþor ðonne þæt leoht: hyra weorc wæron yfele. Ælc ðara þe yfele deð hatað þæt leoht, and he ne cymþ to leohte, þæt his weorc ne syn gerihtlæhte. Witodlice se ðe wyrcð soðfæstnesse cymþ to ðam leohte, þæt his weorc syn geswutelude, for ðam þe hig synt on Godes gedone.

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