aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Update on Sassafras

Our doggy is home from the vet. She's basically sleeping off the operation and anaesthetic, etc. She barely responded when I petted her. She has to have someone with her at all times today.

The right side of her face has been shaved, of course, and her eyelids sewn shut. It ain't nice to look at, but Sassy is still a beautiful dog, and nothing can change that.

She's been needing an appointment with the groomer. I suppose we'll have to wait until her stitches have healed to get her a bath and a trim. But I think she'll feel better after she gets cleaned and prettied up a bit.

I suppose it's a failing in me that I get far more emotional about my pets than I do about most people. But, then, the big fact about pets (as with very small children) is that you can't explain anything to them. When they hurt, you can't discuss their hurts with them. You just have to hold them and love them. And the love and trust they return to their caretakers is very humbling.

Jesus said we were worth many sparrows, but he didn't say the sparrows were worth nothing. So the important thing is to love each person, pet, or thing in the right way and to the right degree. Ordinate loves is what to aim at; the problem we have is that we fill our lives with inordinate loves. We love what we shouldn't, or we love too much or too little or in the wrong way.

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