aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Hey, it's easier than Greek

And þæt is Iohannes gewitnes:

Ða þa Iudeas sendon hyra sacerdas and hyra diaconas fram Ierusalem to him þæt hi axsodon hine and þus cwædon, ‘Hwæt eart þu?’ And he cyðde and ne wiðsoc, and þus cwæð, ‘Ne eom ic na Crist.’

And hig axsodon hine and þus cwædon, ‘Eart ðu Elias?’ And he cwæð, ‘Ne eom ic hit.’ Ða cwædon hi, ‘Eart ðu witega?’ And he andwyrde and cwæð, ‘Nic.’

Hig cwædon to him. ‘Hwæt eart þu? Þæt we andwyrde bringon þam ðe us to þe sendon. Hwæt segst þu be þe sylfum?’

He cwæð, ‘Ic eom clypiendes stefn on westene. Gerihtað Drihtnes weg, swa se witega Isaias cwæð.’

And þa þe þær asende wæron, þa wæron of sundorhalgon. And hig axsodon hine and cwædon to him, ‘Hwi fullast þu, gif þu ne eart [Crist], ne Elias, ne witega?’

Iohannes him andswarode, ‘Ic fullige on wætere; tomiddes eow stod þe ge ne cunnon. He is þe æfter me toweard is, se wæs geworden beforan me; ne eom ic wyrðe þæt ic unbinde his sceoþwang.’

Ðas þing wæron gewordene on Bethania begeondan Iordanen þær Iohannes fullode.

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