aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

More Good News

Iohannes cyþ gewitnesse be him, and clypaþ þus cweðende, ‘Þes wæs þe ic sæde, “Se ðe to cumenne is æfter me wæs geworden beforan me, for þam he wæs ær þonne ic.”’. And of his gefyllednesse we ealle onfengon gyfe for gyfe. For þam þe æ wæs geseald þurh Moysen; and gyfu and soþfæstnes is geworden þurh Hælend Crist. Ne geseah næfre nan mann God, butan se ancenneda Sunu hit cyðde, se is on his Fæder bearme.

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