aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Well, I'm back

I have returned from my out-of-towner much wearied in the flesh, but buoyed up in the spirit. In due course, the work of the committee will reach its conclusion. At this point, all I can say is, it's a rare meeting that I would describe as "anointed," but this one was. In addition to the official work (which is proceeding better than I dared hope), the relationship building amongst the committee was excellent -- not merely as it pertains to me and the others personally, but also corporately. I learned things about United Methodist Men and their organization and difficulties I never knew. The UMM guys got an eye-opener about NAUMS and Scouting Ministry in the UMC from me. All of us are readier and better equipped to work together now.

People carp all the time about "unity." We even have a Task Force on Unity in GCUMM. I have always been leery of unity talk, because it so often means "let's all agree to act together," but the decision on what actions to take is another time, another place, and some folks don't get invited. "Unity" thus becomes "bait-and-switch." But real understanding and desire to achieve a common vision begets genuine unity: a unity that sees through the bait-and-switch and gets real goods achieved. May it be so this year in the General Commission on United Methodist Men and all its affiliates.

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