aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Book 'im, Dan-o

We are down in Wilmore to attend collinsmom's graduation tomorrow. We went by the seminary bookstore upon arrival to get her cap, gown, and hood. I thought I might find something interesting to read.

Alas! I found nothing worth buying. (Well, I should say, the only things I found that interested me were already on my shelves back home.) It was very disappointing.

When I first went to seminary, everything in the bookstore seemed so esoteric and interesting. Now, looking back over thirty-plus years of further learning and growth, everything seems to be on an introductory level. Perhaps that is just in the nature of things. I may not be as holy as I might wish, but I'm no longer a beginner in ministry, rather a serious and experienced practitioner.

Still, it does mean that I'm fiddling around on LJ and Facebook rather than reading something new and interesting right now. Ah, me, had I but world enough, and time -- and a sufficient quantity of good books!

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