aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Christmas Roller Coaster

Today was an old friend's mother's funeral. I couldn't go because of other obligations, but I grieve for the family.

Attended the High School's Christmas concert this evening. Well done. Saw many of our parishioners and/or scouting families.

My cousin Barbara's funeral is Monday, and (unfortunately) I will probably be caught between some family members who don't like each other.

UMW Bazaar went very well. The women made around a thousand dollars on their dinner and sweet shop. The youth made some money on their sale of stuff for their summer mission trip. The Venturers sold some stuff, too. I was particularly glad to see all the youth helping bus tables and other chores. There are some very good things happening hereabouts these days.

There is way too much stuff coming at me: installing the latch on the new storm door, cleaning and decorating the house, shopping for two events I'm cooking for, getting the cards out . . . Plus, there are two out of town events (one overnight) this week, which compresses my actual work schedule into what I can get done on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Sassafras is doing much better. She's got more energy, and her insides seem to be functioning well. She's learning how to use her doggy door, and she's decided the gas log we put in the fireplace last year is a very good thing. One of these days, I'll catch her in a photo, enjoying the blaze.

For some reason, people have decided December is the time to have surgeries. I can't keep up with the visiting I need to do.

And so it goes.

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