aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

D minus 2

stryck and anher came in last night. that_guy_zach came over and we played Spellfire till 3:00 in the morning. Ugh. Getting up this morning was HARD to do.

But get up we did. I went to the bank to finish the Venture Crew's preparations for departure (getting cash out). Then we went to Cincy to shop for gear that stryck and anher needed. collinsmom went off to a family wedding, and anher's Mom came down to visit. More packing for Great Britain ensued. We are almost ready.

stryck asked where she could get an entire Bible in pocket size -- not just a NT w/Psalms & Proverbs. I replied that I had one I bought years ago, an old RSV bound in leather. I can no longer read it w/o my glasses, and then it's difficult when I'm tired. So I gave it to her.

I rarely give books away; nevertheless, it felt right to pass on something that has been a part of me since before she was born to my daughter. I have plenty of Bibles, but this one was one I have used on many camping trips and retreats and for many weddings and funerals. Back when I was first reading -- no, devouring -- the Scriptures, it was one of the Bibles I read regularly. I'm glad she has it.

Tomorrow, we have a busy day of church, followed by a graduation party for Derek, then a cook-out at Wilderstead. Then my own last-minute packing. And then we're ready for liftoff.

May angels carry us to and fro, bearing us up lest we dash our feet against a stone.

P.S. Sassafras remembered stryck and anher. She is very happy they're here.

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