aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

God is good -- all the time

It was a good day today, all around. Worship this morning was great. I am especially grateful for some faces I saw that I've been missing.

We were doing communion by intinction, and I suddenly realized that it was flu season. Intinction already makes some of our more germophobic members queasy. Too late to break out the little cups, so I announced that I would break all the bread and place it in people's hands as they came forward. That meant that the loaf wasn't handled by everybody. It also meant (though I didn't say this) that I could control the size of the pieces people took. We have a lot of folks who take too small a piece of bread and wind up dragging their fingers through the cup. By following the "rule of thumb" (i.e., taking a piece of bread the size of your thumb end), this can largely be avoided.

Mitch has finished his Eagle Scout project, and it was on display in Rogers Hall. He led the design and construction of a nativity scene for our front lawn. Pictures will come later, upon its installation after Thanksgiving. It made its appearance today because Mitch turns 18 on Friday, and is hustling to get things done and all his paperwork in.

Goood Venturing meeting. Two new member applications, also got some more work done on the quilts. I did a presentation on backpacks -- how to decide what's right for you, how to adjust the frame, how to wear it and work the straps, etc. Our first camping trip is coming up this month. As it stands now, we have six youth and three adults talking about going to Philmont next summer. I'm stoked.

Next Sunday is our big Consecration Sunday (stewardship program). The Scouts are catering the celebration luncheon afterwards. Then the Venturers meet. Then there is the all-church Fall Party at a member's barn.


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