aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

On the road again

In two hours, siege and I are going to the Centennial Camporee of Hoosier Trails Council. It looks like it's going to be freezing cold tonight, and it's rained all week. By Sunday, it should be sunny and warm. Between now and then, though, we're going to have a lot of soggy, sorry Scouts and soggy, sorrier leaders.

I've been hassling around with assembling all the stuff for Sunday's camporee worship service. That's almost all assembled, but now I have to pack my own stuff and get everything in the car -- or the truck (I don't know which I'm taking).

I figure I'll be a wreck by the time we get there, but then, that's the way I start most big trips and weekend events. You'd think I'd learn. Lord, keep me dry.

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