aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

And it'll go so well in that last blank space above my pocket

So, apparently I have qualified for another adult award with a square knot to wear on my uniform: the William D. Boyce New-Unit Organizer Award. It will be presented next spring at the Council Gala.

The requirements are to organize a new unit all on your own, without help from the Council. This is what I've just done in organizing Venturing Crew 119. Now, I've done this multiple times over the years and think it's the best way to do things. After all, all BSA units belong to their Charter Partners, so the best situation is where the Charter Partner (like a church) wants to have a Scouting ministry (or extend it), and therefore recruits their own leadership and puts it in place.

I'm floored. Is it really so rare as to deserve special recognition? Shouldn't it be the way we do business normally?

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