aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Unexpected grace

Okay, so the big meeting I was dreading turned out to be pretty groovy. We got there to discover that NAUMS's bete noire had resigned. Bishop King was in the chair and presiding with passion and clarity. People cooperated. Reports were timely and well focused. Times are very challenging, but the Commission on UM Men and its various components seemed to be finally working together. It was very refreshing.

Only once did anything harsh get said, and I was the one to say it. We were evaluating the 10th National Gathering from this summer. People were looking on the bright side, looking past disappointments, etc. I detailed, forcefully but without rancor, some things that NAUMS had found objectionable. They were noted, and we moved on. I didn't press the issue; I was heard.

I'm looking forward to getting some long-term fixin' done in this agency. It just might happen -- who knows? God can do anything.

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