aefenglommung (aefenglommung) wrote,

Busy, productive day

Hit a home run in church this morning (well, at least a solid double). collinsmom did a very good job leading Sunday School. I baked four pumpkin pies this afternoon -- which turned out wonderfully -- for Tuesday evening's Missionary meeting with Kim & Daniel (late of East Africa by way of the Middle East).

I've got all my sermons planned and hymns chosen through Christ the King. Now, gots to get after psalms and collects and such, and I'll be all ready for choir practice to start up again.

Tomorrow, I bake a couple of persimmon puddings for Tuesday's meeting. Oh, yes, and the bishop is coming tomorrow evening for a Scoutfest of sorts. Everybody is jazzed about that.

Now, if I can just clear out the backlog of NAUMS stuff I've got due, I'll be sitting pretty. Oh, yeah, and catch up on my parish calls. Oy.

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